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Wizards and Wagons

The Demon Lord has been defeated, and peace has returned to the realm — but this means that the resident Hero is officially out of a job. Armed with a small wagon, can you make a living in this new era? In Wizards & Wagons, you’ll buy, barter, trade and sell goods in a vast fantasy world filled with villages, towns, kingdoms, and comical characters always ready to send you on the most ludicrous errands!


  • Buy and sell goods in a vast fantasy world
  • Cunningly exploit public gatherings and festivals for profit
  • Take on randomly-generated assignments from the Commerce Guild
  • Manage your inventory space with a Tetris-like system
  • Regularly upgrade your wagon and equipment
  • Defend your precious cargo from the likes of thieves, ogres . . . and even a massive world turtle!

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